Hazlehead Academy encourages the wearing of school uniform by all pupils.  Uniform creates a feeling of belonging and provides pupils with an opportunity to identify with Hazlehead Academy.  It is smart and economical and creates a purposeful image.

Hazlehead Academy school colours are green and navy.

The uniform is:

¨       green blazer with school badge (S4-S6)

¨       black or dark grey school skirt or trousers

¨       white school blouse or shirt

¨       school tie

¨       school sweatshirt with badge (S1-S3)

¨       black cardigan (girls S1-S3)

¨       black shoes

The following items should not be worn to school:

¨         denim jackets or jeans ¨        any clothing with offensive messages
¨         black jeans or chinos ¨        any garment promoting the drug culture
¨         tracksuit trousers ¨         leggings unless worn with a skirt on top
¨         hoodies ¨        gloves
¨         hats ¨        outdoor jackets
¨         scarves

Points to note :

Students in S4/S5 and S6 are expected to wear blazers, shirts and ties.

It is advisable for all items of uniform and kit to have name tags.

Anyone coming to school inappropriately dressed may be sent home to change.

Ties, sweatshirts and sports tops can be bought from the School Office.

The John Lewis store, Aberdeen, also stocks blazers and junior tie

PE Kit

Every pupil should always have a complete change of appropriate kit for every PE lesson.  If your child is fit enough to attend school but is suffering from a short term injury/ailment, he/she will still be required to bring PE kit and parents will be expected to provide a note of explanation.  The pupil should change as normal and then hand the note of explanation to their teacher.

Long term non-participation in PE, ie longer than two weeks, will require medical confirmation with a note from home.  Valuables should be handed into PE staff each lesson to ensure safe keeping.

N.B. All jewellery must be removed prior to participating in PE.