Social Subjects & Citizenship

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" -Henry Miller


  • Ms K. Irvine – Faculty Head Social Subjects (whole school responsibility for Citizenship) and PT Learning and Teaching
  • Mr A. Newton – Teacher of History
  • Ms H. Newton – Teacher of History, Modern Studies and PT Mentoring
  • Mrs W. Knowlton – Teacher of RMPS
  • Mr G. Port – Teacher of Social Subjects
  • Ms S. Heathcote – Teacher of Social Subjects


  • Miss C. Walsh – Geography and History (Currently on Maternity leave)





Social subjects is the study of people and place, past and society. Through S1- 3 pupils will learns about the subjects of Geography, History, Modern Studies and business and develop both citizenship and life skills that prepare them for the senior phase and leaving school.  Pupils will study a variety of topics within these subject areas including;


Topic / Assessment


Democracy and Human rights and wrongs / mock election

Democracy and Human rights and wrongs / report/essay/newspaper

Democracy and Human rights and wrongs / Group magazine

Maps and Rivers / Imaginary island

Maps and Rivers / Mapping test

Maps and Rivers / Rivers test

Early settlers and the Wars of Independence / test

Early settlers and the Wars of Independence / news article

Early settlers and the Wars of Independence / Bannockburn report

Introduction to RME/ World Religion Presentation

Introduction to RME/ Display Work

Spiritual Scotland/ Spiritual Sculpture Display

Spiritual Scotland/ Spiritual Site Report


Climate Chaos / test

Climate Chaos / report/diary

Civil Rights / fact file

Civil Rights / news article or fact file

Civil Rights / poster/report/PPT

Rich world/poor world / poster

Rich world/poor world / test

Hazards / test

Hazards / news article

Cold War / Test

Business Management – Presentation

Buddhism/ Design a Game

Buddhism/ Debate

Christianity/ Test

Christianity/ Denomination Report


WLAG / test

WLAG / group/paired presentation

Ice Age / Enquiry skills test

Industrial Society / test

Industrial Society / essay

World War One / Media File

World War One / Trench Investigation

Morals & Ethics/ Charity Project

Morals & Ethics/ Case Study

Capital Punishment/ Report

Capital Punishment/ Debate

YPI – Youth Philanthropy Initiative funded by the Wood Foundation

National 4 Added Value Unit preparation

Course Choice

Towards the end of S3, pupils will select which topics they wish to continue with at the National 4/5 level. This powerpoint provides a glimpse of what the differences are in topics, assessment standards and expectations of National level candidates.

SOC-SUB-S3-COURSE-CHOICE.ppt (288 downloads)


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