Pupil Support

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Guidance                                          Support for Learning

The Pupil Support Team at Hazlehead Academy consists of Guidance Teachers, Support for Learning Teachers and Pupil Support Assistants, and works to support each pupil as he/she moves through the school.

Principal Teachers of Guidance

Mrs V Simpson Craigievar House – (Not on Wednesday)

Ms Kirsty Stevenson Craigievar House – (Wednesday )

Ms L Finnie, Dunecht House

Mrs Z Gray, Greyfriars House

Mr C Gillespie, Marischal House


Support for Learning

Mr J Hobbs, Principal Teacher

Mrs J Rae

Mrs A Henry

Mrs C Macdonald

Mrs L Matheson

Mrs H Milne


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs L Crighton

Mrs R Kennedy

Mrs T Ritchie

Mrs L Wright

Mr C Runcie

Miss M Alexander

Mrs J Robertson

Mrs J Moig

Miss F Clark

Miss C Erskine

Mrs D Stockley