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Faculty Staff

  • Miss C Keith – Principal Teacher
  • Mr K. Webster
  • Mrs A. Murray
  • Mrs D. Gray
  • Mrs K. Staudt
  • Mrs J. Macleod
  • Miss C. Boucquemont

S1-S3 Course

Pupils will continue their Gaelic Medium Education taking part in a wide range of learning experiences e.g. the study of novels, poetry and drama, creative writing, presentations and projects.

S4-S6 Courses available

The following courses are available to pupils in the senior phase:

  • Gàidhlig N4
  • Gàidhlig N5
  • Gàidhlig Higher

Advanced Higher course in Gàidhlig may run in the department or as a travel afternoon option.

Links to further education and employment

Gàidhlig can be studied at many Higher Education establishments throughout Scotland, Ireland and also Canada, either as a discrete subject or as an ancillary option. The study of a Modern Foreign Language has been proven to enhance employability in all job sectors. A qualification in a Modern Foreign Language is proof of communication and presentation skills. Information on specific courses in this county and in Europe can be obtained from the department.

Homework / Revision Links

Regular homework will be given to all ML classes in accordance with the school homework policy.

There are many websites which can be accessed to consolidate class work and facilitate revision.

There are online dictionaries which can be used to help with homework if no dictionary is available at home.

Pupils are able to attend catch-up or revision sessions at lunch times or after school with any member of staff as the need arises and at specific times arranged in the run up to the SQA exams.

Extra Curricular

Gàidhlig pupils have the opportunity to participate annually in the Gàidhlig National Debate and are also encouraged to explore links with other Gàidhlig speaking areas.  Guest speakers are often invited to come and speak to the pupils in order to highlight the extent to which Gàidhlig might be able to serve them as individuals.  Opportunities are also sought to let pupils experience Gàidhlig outwith the School environment.

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