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  • Miss C Keith – Principal Teacher
  • Mr K. Webster
  • Mrs A. Murray
  • Mrs D. Gray
  • Mrs K. Staudt
  • Mrs J. Macleod
  • Miss C. Boucquemont

S1-S3 Course

Pupils will develop the four language skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing through various topic areas using ‘Studio’ courses supplemented with poems, popular songs, foreign language films and interactive resources.

S4-S6 Courses available

The following courses are available to pupils in the senior phase:

  • French N4
  • French N5
  • French Higher

A new course ‘Modern Languages for Life and Work’ is available as an award in S3 and as a course for Wider Achievement.

Advanced Higher course in French may run in the department or as a travel afternoon option.

Links to further education and employment

Modern Foreign Languages can be studied at most Higher Education establishments either as a discrete subject or as an ancillary option. The study of a Modern Foreign Language has been proven to enhance employability in all job sectors. A qualification in a Modern Foreign Language is proof of communication and presentation skills. Information on specific courses in this country and in Europe can be obtained from the department.

Homework / Revision Links

Regular homework will be given to all ML classes in accordance with the school homework policy.

There are many websites which can be accessed to consolidate class work and facilitate revision.

We do not encourage the use of ‘Google Translate’ but would highly recommend any use of the following:

S1-2 pupils should use the Beginner level. S3 and above should start to use the Intermediate level.

Pupils are able to attend catch-up or revision sessions at lunch times or after school with any member of staff as the need arises and at specific times arranged in the run up to the SQA exams.


Pupils are encouraged to develop links with France e.g. through email exchanges, arranging work placements etc. Pupils are also encouraged to absorb as much as they can of the culture of the French speaking countries by looking at French films, magazines, news items and accessing any literature appropriate to their learning. Courses at all stages incorporate cultural and historical background topics which we hope will engender a lifelong appreciation and interest in the countries where the language is spoken.


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