Modern Languages

The cultural, social, economic and cognitive advantages of learning a second, third or fourth language cannot be overstated, and whilst anybody at any time in their life is capable of doing so, research has proven that the earlier this is started, the better.  The speed and ease of uptake of an additional language(s) is more pronounced at a younger age, and in doing so, can also benefit the learner across all subjects.

There is an ever increasing amount of research being done into the benefits of language learning, and the common outcomes point towards an improved ability to multi-task, stalling the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s, improved memory, improved decision making, an improvement in the learner’s first language, an increased performance in other academic areas, an increased awareness of other cultures, expanded career potentials and the boosting of self-confidence.  What’s more, is that once someone has become proficient in the grammar and syntax of another language, it generally becomes much easier to go on and learn further languages.

At Hazlehead Academy, we are hugely fortunate to be able to offer the wide range of languages that we do in order to give our pupils the potential to benefit from the above.




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