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Welcome to the Library

Day Open Lunch from 12.30 Closed
Monday 7.45am Book Club 4.00pm
Tuesday 7.45am Open to All 4.00pm
Wednesday 8.30am Board Games Club 4.00pm
Thursday 8.30am Open to All 4.00pm
Friday 8.30am Open to All 4.00pm

The role of Hazlehead Academy Library is to enrich and enhance the school curriculum and to serve the needs of both staff and pupils in a variety of ways. In addition to providing books and online resources there are a wide range of activities, clubs and events that will support and develop the whole school community educationally, personally and professionally. It is managed by professional librarian, Mrs Diane Scott.

The library stocks fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, books that support mental health and diversity, biographies, staff CPD books, university prospectuses and SQA text books which have been selected to support the curriculum and staff, to encourage reading for pleasure and to stretch and improve our pupils’ reading abilities.

There are 17 PCs and 20 iPads for pupil use, either in independent study or class. Mrs Scott teaches information literacy – enhancing the curriculum with core research, evaluation and referencing skills. Pupils are taught to access online databases, subscribed to by Aberdeen City Council, which are specially selected to support the pupils’ subjects and level of education. The library also has a large, flexible space for independent learning, group learning, exhibitions, activities and large meetings.

Each week sees activities such as the Breakfast Club on Monday and Tuesday from 7.45am, Monday lunchtime Book Club, Wednesday lunchtime Board Games Club and Friday afternoon Karaoke. In addition we host the Debate Club and a monthly lunchtime Speakers’ Corner where pupils can give a talk on a chosen topic, encouraging independent learning and a chance to practice their public speaking and presentation skills.

Pupils from S3 and up have the opportunity to volunteer as Library Assistants helping out with day-to-day tasks and promoting the service.  All volunteer activity is accredited towards the Saltire Award.

Hazlehead Academy Library aims to provide a range of resources to support ambitious learning across the curriculum and encourage a reading and information culture that promotes confidence, respect, inclusion and ambition.

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