ICT & Enterprise

Faculty Staff

  • Miss C Grubb (PT)
  • Miss E. Noble (Business Studies)
  • Computing vacancy

S1-S3 Course

All pupils attend 2 x 50 minute periods in S2 and 2 x 50 minute periods in S3.  Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills and experience a deeper understanding of how software, including games, are designed and created. Topics include computer systems, biometrics, legislation, games design and development in a variety of languages, App design for Android devices and Web Design.  The course is also designed to give pupil an insight into what businesses do and how they are organised. It develops organisational and ICT skills and gives pupils a chance to show their entrepreneurial flair by taking part in group activities centred around creating and designing products.

S4-S6 Courses available

Computer Science is vital to everyday life – socially, technologically and economically; it shapes the world in which we live and its future. Computing is embedded in the world around us, from systems and devices in our homes and places of work, to how we access education, entertainment, transportation and communication. Understanding computational processes and thinking is also vital to many other fields including science, economics, business and industry. While many learners will want to become computing professionals, all will benefit from the development of these foundational skills and the underpinning knowledge necessary to meet the needs of society today and for the future.

The aims of the course are to enable learners to:

  • develop computational thinking skills across a range of contemporary contexts
  • develop knowledge and understanding of key concepts and processes in computing science
  • apply skills and knowledge in analysis, design and implementation and evaluation to a range of digital solutions
  • communicate computing concepts and explain computational behaviour clearly and concisely using appropriate terminology
  • develop and understanding of the role and impact of computing science in changing and influencing our environment and society

Business plays an important role in society. We all rely on businesses and entrepreneurs to create wealth, prosperity and job choices. The purpose of this course is to highlight ways in which an organisation operates and the steps taken to achieve their goals. Skills developed throughout the course include enterprise, employability, numeracy, ICT and citizenship which all feature heavily in today’s society.

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