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Research shows that students see greater success in school when they spend time talking, reading, playing and creating at home with their families.

Over the coming weeks there are many things you can do in your home and community that translate into amazing learning opportunities for your child. Below are are series of ideas, resources and links to websites:

Learning Routines: When you receive learning activities from school through googleclassroom, create a schedule and make a learning space with your child so you have a daily routine to share learning experiences.

Not sure how Googleclassroom works, click here for more information:  Parents Guide to Googleclassroom


Everyday numeracy: Maths & numeracy is all around us. Household activities and chores have built in numeracy opportunities. Folding and sorting laundry provides an opportunity to talk about geometry. Menu and meal planning are a great time to talk about the cost of items and estimation. Cooking together is an opportunity to read, follow directions an practice fractions. Play games and puzzles!

Maths & Numeracy activities can be found here, but also check out on Twitter @Hazlehead_maths


Reading: Have your child find special places to read. Tell stories together, build stories together by taking turns & coming up with one word or sentence and passing on. Listen to stories or educational podcasts. Watch a family movie & talk about the character, setting, plot. What made it a good story?

Looking for more reading resources, click here: World eBook

Further activities and ideas are here:


Writing together: Look for opportunities to write and draw together. Keep a family journal, create a comic, create a play. Write a family story or family history after interviewing your family members. Create a book all about me and my family. Create a timeline about your family. Caption & label photographs or drawings. Write a poem for someone in your family. Talk about your family values and make a family logo together.


Enjoy the Arts together: Take time to listen to music and enjoy art together. Listen to your favourite music and music you don’t like. Talk about why. Dance together! Write a song about your family, make it silly or poetic. Create and build with recycled materials.


Health & wellbeing – useful information for parents and teens can be found hereKids Health

A range of activities and ideas to support physical activity, healthy minds & healthy eating can be found here:


And finally…Tree of knowledge have kindly shared their Timetable of Fun:


Aberdeen City Council also have a Digital Learning Blog with learning activities for all subjects, click on the link hereACC Digital Learning



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