Global Citizenship

Developing global citizenship within Curriculum for Excellence is about recognising our responsibilities towards each other and the wider world. The outcome will be ourchildren and young people as global citizens, able to take up their place in the world, contribute to it confidently, successfully and effectively, understanding the rights and responsibilities of living and working in a globalised world.

Global citizenship includes development of knowledge, understanding, skills and values:

  • learning about a globalised world
  • learning for life and work in a global society
  • learning through global contexts

Global Citizenship & CFE

At Hazlehead Academy we are developing as Global Citizens through:

  • curricular and cross-curricular learning
  • trips and visits by guests
  • partnerships
  • global action

For further information on Global Citizenship at Hazlehead Academy speak to Mr McConnell, Mrs Walsh, Miss Morton, Miss Jenson (all Social Subjects), Miss Leitch (Science), Miss Grubb (Business Studies), Miss Martin (languages), Miss Nicolson (Wealth & Wellbeing), Mr Neish (Performing Arts) and Mr Sherrington (Guidance).

Costa Rica Expedition – Crieff Training Weekend

S4/5 pupils taking part in this years expedition to Costa Rica completed a weekend training expedition in Perthshire last weekend. The Team practiced campcraft, cooking, navigation, risk management, personal security and emergency scenario skills in a climate somewhat cooler than the tropics of Central America!

DSC_8651 Crop

The group will be spending most of their eco/global citizenship themed expedition working at the Asis animal sanctuary


Inspire Aspire – Global Citizens in the Making

S2 RMPS pupils have been taking part in the Inspire Aspire personal development programme for young people.

The programme aims to guide young people through a journey of self-discover and inspiration that concludes with making informed statements about the type of person they want to become, their vision for a better world and what they will personally do to bring this vision to life.



Iceland 2016: Land of Fire and Ice



Take a trip North to the fascinating country of Iceland. Famous for its interesting glaciers, volcanoes and Aurora Borealis, this will be a trip to remember.

The trip will be from Friday 7/10/16 thru Monday 10/10/16.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • The Golden Circle Tour- viewing the geothermal delights of the Strokkur Geyser
  • Golden Falls and the Thingvellir National Park
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Exploring the capital city of Reykjavik
  • Touring the Solheimajokull Glacier and the South Shore

Speak to Miss Walsh in room 303 for more information

Christmas Shoe box Appeal 2015

Keep a lookout for the 2015 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal which Miss Morton & Mrs Walsh will be coordinating later this year.

International School Award 

D481 ISA Web Banners v1 630x355px(1)

Staff across several faculties and pupils across all year groups are working together to achieve the British Council’s International School Award Foundation Status. This will involve staff and pupils:

  • identifying and celebrating the good practice that is already taking place at Hazlehead Academy
  • working together to identify and develop a partnership with a school abroad
  • creating cross-curricular learning opportunities based upon global themes, skills and outlooks

Modern Studies: Local MP takes questions from Modern Studies students


National & Higher pupils had the opportunity to question newly elected local MP, Callum McCaig, on a wide range of issues including; his role as an MP, standing as a candidate, the future of the SNP, the EU referendum, the role of the House or Lords, the refurbishment of Parliament, the Greek economy and the UK’s response to ISIS to name but a few!

China immersion course – Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools

download (1)ChinaFlagImage1

In July 2014 three pupils from Hazlehead Academy joined sixty one pupils from across Scotland to travel to Tianjin, China for a pupil immersion course run by the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools (CISS). The trip offers the opportunity for pupils to immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture for two weeks. As a result of the immersion course the pupils were more aware of the interdependence between Scotland and China. Additionally the pupils were very open to experiencing traditional and modern Chinese culture.

Follow the link to read how the trip changed one pupil’s life

Miss Martin – Rwanda 



As part of the Global Learning Partnerships programme supported by the Wood Family Trust Miss Martin (Mandarin) travelled with a group of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire City Council teachers to Rwanda to provide support and CPD to teachers in Rwandan schools. The group worked with an organisation called IEE which places mentor teachers in schools to support teacher development and especially support with the recent transition into the use of English as the main language of instruction.

For three weeks Miss Martin was based in a school outside Kigali and for a fourth week she did staff training in Kigali for the mentor teachers.

Home Economics – S2

S2 pupils recently did a food product development challenge where they worked in groups to develop a new baked product for JG Ross using local ingredients.

They went to the JG Ross factory beforehand and saw various items being made on a large scale and were given lessons on the food product development process, packaging and labelling, with an input from JG Ross.

They have also had talks from other food manufacturers including Kirsty from Angelic Foods.

 Whole school – Senior Phase Induction Days

The new S4s/5s and 6s took part in senior phase induction days at the weekend in the hope of promoting team work within the years.

S4s stayed in the school and took part in various activities run by adventure Aberdeen, Live N Learn and Subsea 7.

The s5s went on a day trip to Lochter Activity Centre and took part in various outdoor activities and the S6’s went away for a weekend to Abernethy where they also took part in various outdoor activities.

All of these activities promoted team working, resilience and provided the pupils with challenge.

 Social Subjects – S3 YPI 


Pupils in S3 pupils have participated in a competitive fundraiser in which they raised awareness of a local charity.

This allowed pupils to become aware of the different life experiences of people they encounter every day. Charities chosen by pupils have related to everything from domestic abuse and homelessness to poverty and support for refugees.

Social Subjects – S2 WW1


Pupils in S2 have been learning about alliances between different countries and how this impacted global conflict.

They have also gained an understanding of colonialism, territory and fights for independence and how these can affect countries’ relationships with their neighbours.

Social Subjects – S2 USA Civil Rights Movement


S2 pupils have been learning about the rights of Black people in the USA and how they have been affected by the Civil Rights movements of the mid-20th century.

This led to discussion of current events related to race issues in the USA today.

Social Subjects – S1 Human Rights / Human Wrongs


S1 pupils have been learning about the UN convention of Human Rights .

They learn about countries where human rights are not upheld such as child soldiers in Sudan, the internet policies in China and the death penalty in the USA, to name a few.

French – S2 Pen Pals



Pupils in S2 have been working on their communication skills by writing letters to their pen pals at the Collège de Fortschwihr in the Alsace region of France.

RMPS S3 – Capital Punishment


 Did you know that:

 1/3 of States in the USA don’t have the death penalty?

The average ‘life sentence’ in Scotland is 12 years?

The longest prison sentence that anyone can serve in Norway is 21 years, regardless of the crime?

Pupils in S3 have been comparing and evaluating criminal justice systems from around the world as part of the S3 Capital Punishment course and discovering that different countries base their justice systems upon different principles.

Health & Wellbeing Day – The Story of the Bicycle


As part of the recent whole school Health & Wellbeing day students had the opportunity to examine the global impact of the world’s most widely used form of transport – the bicycle!

Students learned of the role that local Scot Robert William Thomson, inventor of the pneumatic tyre, had to play in the success of the bike and how cycling is once again on the increase in response to concerns about health, energy and the environment.

Higher Modern Studies – MEP  Visit



Students studying Higher Modern Studies had the opportunity to question Conservative MEP Ian Duncan on his work at the European Parliament, the role of the European Union and the impact of the EU’s decisions on all our lives.

Costa Rica 2016

costaricaflagimage1Picture 079

S4 & 5 students preparing for a conservation themed expedition to Costa Rica in summer 2016 delivered a presentation to their parents on the aims of their expedition, the leadership roles they will each perform and the impact they hope to have on their chosen charity

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