Course Choice

Change of Course/Level Form


Materials are also available to download for the following levels of course choice:

S2/3 Curriculum Review

S2 S3 Curriculum Review Booklet 2016-18 (313 downloads)

Curriculum Review Form 2016-18 (229 downloads)

S4 Course Choice

S4COURSECHOICEBOOKLET-2018-19-FINAL.docx (188 downloads)

S4COURSECHOICEFORM2018-19-Final.docx (1288 downloads)

S5 Course Choice

S5COURSECHOICEBOOKLET-2018-19-FINAL.docx (158 downloads)

S5COURSECHOICEFORM2018-19-Final-1.docx (226 downloads)

S56-PROGRESSION-SHEET-Recommendations.docx (97 downloads)

S6 Course Choice

S6COURSECHOICEBOOKLET-2018-19-FINAL.docx (187 downloads)

S6COURSECHOICEFORM2018-19-Final.docx (357 downloads)

S56-PROGRESSION-SHEET-Recommendations-1.docx (79 downloads)

City Campus Courses

FINAL-OFFER-Aberdeen-City-Campus-Course-Choice-2018-19.docx (114 downloads)

CITY-CAMPUS-Course-Choice-school-courses-2018-19.docx (108 downloads)

Apply at

NESCol Course Descriptors

NESCol-College-course-descriptors-18-19.docx (128 downloads)

 Further information available on NESCol website

Apply via the form below submitted to your Guidance Teacher

NESCOL-ONLINE-APPLICATION-2018-Pupil-version-HH.docx (126 downloads)

Link to input your Personal Statement

Foundation Apprenticeships Application  Application-Process-Foundation-Apprenticeships-18.docx (54 downloads)

NESCol Open Evening on 8th March

Application form for Foundation Apprenticeships Information Evening

Careers Advice

YASS (Open University) Modules:

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