Colours Nominations

Colours are awarded to pupils as part of our commitment to recognise and celebrate achievement. Colours may be awarded to pupils who show a high level of commitment over a significant period of time in the areas of sport, music, drama, home economics, debating, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and for services to the school e.g. Charities or Eco Committee.


  • Any pupil can nominate themselves if they feel they deserve colours for any of the above categories.
  • Pupils nominate themselves on the school website at any point during the year.
  • Colours will be awarded during three “awarding periods” throughout the year:
    • August, January and April
  • Pupils will be notified if they have been successful, or not, at the end of the awarding period.
  • Successful awards for pupils will allow them to collect their braids from the school office immediately.
  • All successful awards will be recognised in the colours ceremony in June of every year.


  • Deadline 1: End of first week back in new term
  • Deadline 2: Start of Christmas holidays
  • Deadline 3: Start of Easter holidays


  • Pupils in S3/4/5/6 may be awarded junior colours – Blue braid worn on blazer side and breast pockets.
  • Pupils in S4/5/6 may be awarded half colours – Blue braid worn on blazer cuffs and side and breast pockets.
  • Pupils in S5/6 may be awarded full colours – Blue braid worn on blazer cuffs, side and breast pockets and the edges of blazer.
  • Pupils in S5/6 may be awarded distinction for exceptional performance in school or to pupils performing at National or Inter-national level – A red braid flash on both lapels.
  • Account will be taken of pupils whose contribution to an activity has been curtailed by injury or who are new to the school and have enrolled at Hazlehead Academy during the session.
  • Pupils may be awarded colours for commitment over a period of time to an activity which is not offered as an extra-curricular activity in the school.