NESCOL open day

NESCOL are holding an open day at their Gallowgate City centre campus on 14th March 2020. The Science Team are putting on series of Forensic Science and Biotechnology workshops, which may be of interest to pupils interested in pursuing further studies and perhaps a career in these areas.


The workshops (below) are drop in sessions, and all activities are free of charge.


  • Use of luminal techniques to detect blood at a  “murder scene”
  • Identification of fingerprints from a “burglary”.
  • Microscopic investigation of tissue and fibre samples
  • DNA extraction – get your own blueprint in a tube
  • Study of “dancing” algae
  • Examination of bioluminescent bacteria
  • See a algae photo bioreactor in action


You can drop in at any time between 10am and 2pm and undertake as many activities as you wish.