Youth Work in Schools Team at Hazlehead Academy

For the First Minister, Question Time in The Scottish Parliament can be a tough but not as tough been grilled by 100 young people from across Scotland, tackling a range of issues from Climate Change & Social Media to Brexit & Mental Health. Over the two-hour event young people asked the First Minister a range of questions, following them up with comments and discussions.

Three MVP mentors: Ellie, Oliwia & Emma, from Hazlehead Academy got the chance to attend the event after submitting a question that was selected to be asked at the event. As MVP mentors, they’ve discussed and learnt a lot about the dangers of social media and wanted to know the First Minister’s opinion on what more could be done to inform younger children and what policies could be applied.

The event organised by Children in Scotland & YouthLink Scotland, took place at The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. Before the event, children and young people from across Scotland got the chance to submit further questions. They also got the chance to be interviewed by the Design Team about what they were most excited about. The whole event had been designed and put together by a group of young people everything from the chairs at the event to the activities beforehand.

Overall, the day was a huge success in giving young people the chance to have their voices heard and learn more about a range of devolved issues that are relevant to them. All 3 MVP mentors had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about how they could continue to get involved. The entire screening of the event will be available online from Thursday 25th April to watch and see the First Minister’s response.