Young Scot Digi know

Lloyd Barclay along with 21  young people formed a steering group working alongside young scot to develop a series of activities that would support young people who often face barriers to learning. Each part of the event was designed by the young people and the impact it had was outstanding.

Over 150 young Scots, who have faced barriers to accessing digital opportunities, have received an SCQF Level 3 in Safer Internet Awareness after attending Young Scot Digi Know? events that took place across Scotland, throughout February.

The events, launched by Maree Todd MSP – Minister for Children and Young People – were held in Dundee, Glasgow, and Kilmarnock, and were co-designed by young people to specifically engage those with learning challenges, poor school attendance, and those living in areas of deprivation. They also saw major organisations such as Morgan Stanley, Police Scotland, and Education Scotland, come together to take young people on a journey through the world of online safety.

Attendees were provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding, behaviour, and skills, in cyber resilience – specifically in areas such as identity theft, phishing, spotting fake emails and websites, how to create a strong password, and their digital footprint.

The workshops also provided around 60 carers, youth workers, parents, and teachers with training on how to keep young people safe online. In addition, training events were also provided to young people to help them become more cyber resilient, and to encourage them to consider a career in this sector.

Following the events, 39 percent of attendees said they’d consider the impacts of images and words they share online before doing so, and 52 percent of attendees said they would consider a career in technology and cyber resilience. In addition, half of attendees said that they would now review their own internet safety and consider changing their passwords and privacy settings at once.

Allan Lindsay, Director of Participation and Co-Design at Young Scot, said: “The internet is a gateway to the world for so many young people across Scotland, and Young Scot wants them to be able to use the internet safely and security.

“For some young people, mainstream education is not the path for them and the Digiknow? events have helped provide them with qualification and an outlet for their invention and creativity. Young Scot was delighted to have so many young people attend the Digi Know? events and to help them achieve something that will stand out on their CV. These events are complemented by information on our website which is available to everyone who couldn’t attend.”

You can access information on cyber resilience and staying safe online by visiting the Young Scot website: