Restaurant Dream team

In response to Lion TV’s request for budding restaurateurs we set up a in school competition and had fifty four pupils interested.  For the first round we asked them to design their own menu and restaurant theme, and then the second round was that they were to have their own restaurant serving food to staff.

Each of the five groups had to make and serve four portions of two different starters.  The food ranged from Bruschetta to papa a la Huacaina.  The pupils had done all the teamwork, problem solving, leadership, self-management of this themselves, giving up their spare time to come together and make up the menus, buy the food and practice recipes. Staff were so impressed with everything especially the positive and ambitious attitudes.

They were all winner all the work that they put in but Taste of the World won, with Equanimity and Downtown diner close joint second.  28 of these pupils have applied to Lion TV for their opportunity to do  this all again live on CBBC.

We wish them good luck.