Young People’s Book Prize

For the past two years Hazlehead Academy has taken part in the judging of the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize. This is a £10,000 prize awarded to an outstanding children’s science book and we form part of the team that decides which book wins.

During this term all S3 science classes have visited the library to assess, critique and judge the six shortlisted books, looking at things like layout, content and appeal. We also invited our ASG primaries in to take part and Kingsford visited on Wednesday 2nd October. We had two classes in, one in the morning and one in the afternoon who were assisted by some of our S3 pupils. They really enjoyed their time here and the responsibility of helping to choose the prize winner. Surprisingly they scored the books completely differently to our S3 pupils so it was good for us to get a different perspective.

Activities like this give the P7 pupils a chance to spend time in the academy, making the transition much easier when it comes later in the year. It also gave some of our S3 pupils a chance to be helpful, sensible and responsible.