‘I Can Lead’

At Hazlehead Academy the following pupils completed their Sports Leaders UK ‘I Can Lead’ course with Wendy Carrick (Active schools) during week 3 of their Summer holidays. The course lasted 3 days and was held at Hazlehead Primary School. Also noted is where the pupils have been volunteering over the last school year:

Jamie Burnett – P5 football Hazlehead

Joseph Brundnell – P5 football Hazlehead

Hannah park – P2-7 zumba Airyhall

Grace Gauld – P2-7 zumba Airyhall

Josh Sim – P5-7 badminton Hazlehead

Blair Gray – P3 Hazlehead tennis club.

Calum Harvey – To be given a placement


The following pupils are Aberdeen Wanderers Rugby Club players who Wendy will be working with this year to get into helping with their mini rugby sections to grow the club:

Matthew Deans

Tommy Bianco

Clarke Martin


Murray Gauld came into the course and took table tennis for an hour on the last day so if the pupils are helping with recreational Table Tennis they know the basic forehand/backhand/service coaching points and scoring.


Well done to all.