Hazlehead Academy CATAPULTS you to success!!

Hazlehead Academy CATAPULTS you to success is an initiative that has been developed to identify, and help develop, the key employability skills that our young people need to develop to be successful in their chosen career pathway. Extensive research was carried out before identifying the skills and this Hazlehead initiative is promoted to all staff, pupils and parents. A launch video was created with ex-pupils who wanted to promote the initiative whilst also creating role models to our current pupils. This will be an ongoing piece of work to ensure our young people have the best opportunities and ensure they are very competitive when they leave Hazlehead Academy.

Additionally, Hazlehead Academy have developed their own chatbot – an artificial intelligence piece of software – that allows pupils to have conversations with it to evidence their own employability skills as well as providing a permanent record of their journey from S1 to S6 and beyond.