S3 Outward bound experience

A group of 12 pupils, 1 staff member and HH youth worker set of on the 4.5 hour journey to Outward Bound at Loch Eil near Fort William. We were joined by 5 other schools, each with 12 pupils and a staff member for a leadership course, uniquely designed by ACC. After arriving and orientation for both staff and pupils, we were shown to our rooms and told to get into clothes that could get wet……

The afternoon session involved getting pupils into clans – a mixture of pupils from all 6 ACC schools in each – Each clan was given a instructor and a classroom area – some in Yurts and they discussed the aim of the week and the plan for activities – Pupils also got the chance to start thinking about what leadership is. Then pupils took part in what is known as jog and dip. A jog down to loch side, via underground pipes and a river and a run and jump off the pier into the loch. Miss Irvine and Jenni Snell joined one group doing this at 8pm in the evening in the pitch black.

On Tuesday some groups took part in a day of activities while others prepared and left to go on an overnight 24 hour expedition. (The others did this on the wed- Thursday night) The day of activities ranged in groups from rock climbing and rock scrambling, to self programmed abseiling or bridge building and canoeing – All focusing on group work and identifying the different types of leadership.

The expedition involved prepping and packing as a team for the trip, including rations etc and then setting off via bus, feet or canoe to walk a route through the area – some pupils even got washed out of their tents in the middle of the night!!!!!

After dinner there was also evening activities such as orienteering, quiz games, zip lines and kit checks.

The set up of the days involved all pupils having to work as a team from 7.00am wake up until 8.30pm free time – They were assigned breakfast and dinner slots and no group could eat without all being there, ensuring they all thought of each other s- groups had to clean tables etc and divide lunches etc as a group.

Friday morning involved getting pupils back into school groups and sharing their varied experience for the week – It also then focused at the request of each school at getting pupils to then bond and work together using the leadership skills they had all learnt as the focus will now be on using these skills to work on a group project focusing on inter generation work with the local primary school and old folks home around the Rights Respecting School.

Check out this video from the S3 pupils at Outward Bound: