S1 – S3 Reports 2017-2018

The first Hazlehead Academy Junior Phase report was issued to S2 pupils this morning.

Please note there is a new reporting system for this year.

Previously, the terms developing, consolidating and secure were used to indicate a child’s progress through a Curriculum for Excellence level. From this session, schools have been asked to record and report the most recent level achieved by each pupil.

At first glance, it may appear that your child has not progressed, or even regressed, since their previous written report. However, this is not the case as children will take several years to move fully from one level to the next and progress will be described in the full written reports issued later in the session.

Advice and guidance describing these changes is attached in the form of a leaflet from Aberdeen City Council.  A paper copy of this leaflet will also be enclosed with the first report for every child in S1-S3.

Thank you.


Reports will be issued on the following dates for this session:


1st Summary Report: Monday 20th November 2017 

Full Report: Monday 12th March 2018 

2nd Summary Report: Friday 11th May 2018 



1st Summary Report: Friday 6th October 2017 

2nd Summary Report: Thursday 21st December 2017 

Full Report: Friday 1st June 2018 



1st Summary Report: Friday 3rd November 2017 

Full Report: Friday 19th January 2018 

2nd Summary Report: Friday 27th April 2018 

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