S3 Outward Bound Leadership Opportuntiy


Aberdeen City Council have an on-going project with the Outward Bound Trust, for which they have asked us to identify 10 x S3 pupils from Hazlehead Academy who would benefit from furthering their leadership skills by attending a funded week long residential course.

To help me with the selection of these pupils attached is a link (click here) to a short application form which pupils should complete if they are interested.  I will also use information from teachers and Guidance staff, as well as my own knowledge of your son/daughter, to help me select the 10 pupils for this great opportunity.  All forms should be submitted by Friday 8th September 2017.

The dates of the residential trip to Loch Eil are 13th November – 17th November 2017 and the group will be accompanied by a member of Hazlehead Academy staff.  Pupils would be supported in catching up with any school work missed during the week and we are confident the benefits they will gain from the course itself will be considerable.

The cost of this residential would normally be at least £400.  However, the authority have been able to fund part of this amount so that each selected pupil’s costs would be only £100.  We have paid this amount from our limited school funds and would ask that you pay a minimum of £25 to secure your son/daughter’s place later this term if they are successful in their application.  If your financial circumstances means that you could contribute the full £100, we would be very grateful.

Further information will be circulated in September 2017 to the pupils who have been successful in their application for this course.

Stuart Craig

Depute Head Teacher