Hazlehead Academy Book Campaign

Hazlehead Academy Library currently has around 4000 books — despite being one of the largest schools in the City, we have the fewest books. In order to encourage reading, support the curriculum and develop literacy, a school library should have approximately 13 books per pupil, meaning that Hazlehead Academy should have more than 10,000 books on our shelves. We want to increase the library stock by at least 5000 books.

We are making applications to various grant giving organisations for funding and we are launching this campaign to raise further funds at a local level.

How Can You Help?

We are offering individuals, families, companies and organisations the opportunity to have names or dedications in a new library book as a permanent record of your support.

Book Campaign

For a minimum donation of £10 your name or dedication  will be displayed on a bookplate inserted inside the cover of a new book. For example:

  Book Campaign Example

 There are three levels of support:

Buy a Book £10 (minimum donation)

Buy a Shelf of Books £50 (minimum donation)

Buy a Bookcase of Books £250 (minimum donation)

If you would like to take part in the Book Campaign please contact the school for a Campaign Form.