Costa Rica 2016 Expedition Success!

15 S5/6 pupils successfully completed a 16 day expedition to Costa Rica during the summer holidays.

The expedition included an 18 month build-up, during which the team took part in training and development days. These sessions focused on planning and preparation and the development of essential expedition skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving. The overseas expedition was made up of different phases designed to challenge and develop the team members and give them a greater understanding of different cultures. The team were given ownership of the expedition and had to work together to manage their itinerary in line with their budget.

The expedition was chosen as the team were passionate about wildlife conservation and eco-tourism. Their expedition encompassed considerable and challenging travel across the country with one week of volunteer work at Proyecto Asis (a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education centre in the mountains of Northern Costa Rica), where the team stayed with host families in a small village close to the project.

The second stage of the expedition was at the Tortuguero National park on the Caribbean coast, where the team became immersed in the conservation and educational work of the Sea Turtle Conservancy programme established in the 1950s.
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