Greenpower F24 Race Day – Friday 17th June

After another year’s hard work, race day was upon us. We arrived at Alford on Friday morning (much too early). It took us 30 minutes to find the rest of the team who were waiting in the wrong car park. Once we had gathered the team the fun started – we unpacked Scooby, got set up and registered. Then it began to rain. It rained most of the day, didn’t get much above 10° and there was a howling wind.


The first race was a complete disaster: although we had followed the strategy we had worked out on the previous Tuesday’s practice day, our batteries just didn’t make it and Becca was called in before the end of the race – much to her disgust. We placed 8th in this race, which isn’t too bad out of 17! We had problems with a wet accelerator which didn’t help the battery situation – but with the help of a little WD40 we got that problem sorted.


We then took a break for lunch and fooling around. The team spirit and camaraderie amongst fellow competitors was amazing – and we all sang happy birthday to one member of another team.


Race 2 started with a 17 mph headwind and rain, which took its toll on all the drivers. The kids by this stage were blue with cold having not brought enough warm clothing. With a slight change in race strategy we managed to finish this race in 7th place with some power left in the batteries. What amused us was that the winning team had an 11 year old driver who, when not driving, was playing with his ‘Star Wars’ toys!


We won, for the second time, the Best Portfolio award, giving the team 3 awards in 2 years.


After 8½ hours of standing in the wind and rain all of us were aching, cold, tired and with sore feet! But what a brilliant day it was. The team were a credit to Hazlehead Academy with their behaviour.