Health & Wellbeing Day Success

On Friday the 13th May 2016 Hazlehead Academy had their whole school Health and Wellbeing day. The day was a huge success with all lessons across the school focussing on Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes in the morning and active learning. An array of faculties produced some really innovative and exciting lessons that really engaged our pupils. In the afternoon, all pupils participated in a variety of activities which included:

Dodgeball (With the granite  city guerrillas), Sooyang Do (with Mr & Mrs McIver), Zumba (with Rhonda Gauld), Ultimate Frisbee (with University of Aberdeen), Table Tennis, Cheerleading, Mountain Biking, Golf, Netball, Rugby, Football, Tennis, Rounders, Woodland Walkie Talkie and Athletics/Fitness.

Keep an eye out for the creation of our Health and Wellbeing Showcase video – produced by staff and pupils from Hazlehead Academy, along with SHMU FM – a school and community group working together in partnership! A great day had by all and bring on next year.

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