Behind the Scenes at the SFA Graduation

At the SFA Performance Schools graduation ceremony earlier today, SFA Performance Development Manager Neil MacKintosh talked about a possible definition for luck being a “combination of good preparation and being in the right place at the right time”.  For the past four years,  the S4 students on the SFA Performance Programme at Hazlehead Academy have demonstrated resilience, a positive attitude and endeavour to reach this milestone at Hampden Park today.  After motivating comments from SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan, Scotland Manager Gordon Strachan and SFA Performance Director Brian McClair, students were presented to the crowd before the Scottish Cup Final.  I managed to capture a few ‘behind the scenes’ pictures from the day…

A special mention must go to SFA Elite Youth Coach Stuart Glennie and his team for his heavy investment of time and energy into this group of S4 students, and also a well done to parents and staff for four years of invaluable support.