The End of An Era

Friday 29th April saw the end of an era for a group of students at Hazlehead Academy.  A ceremony was held to mark the leaving point for our S6 cohort along with some of our S5’s and S4’s.  Students, parents and staff joined together to celebrate the end of the school element of the learning journey through speeches, presentations and musical interludes.

Mrs Taylor, PT Guidance, encouraged students to strive towards higher things whilst there was also an inspiring video message from former student Stuart Armstrong (Celtic and Scotland).  After the presentation of school folios and a piano recital from S6 student Aku Kamanga, parents, students and staff shared refreshments before the event drew to a close.

We at Hazlehead Academy wish to thank the leavers for the positive legacy they leave behind and wish them well for their exams and then into the future beyond!