We are an Active School – Thank You!

Our Active School Coordinator Steven Thompson provided a review of our activity here at Hazlehead Academy and the content makes fantastic reading.



Over 20,000 participant sessions ran at Hazlehead Academy last year – and there has been an increase year-on-year as our students continue to demonstrate that we are an active school.


55 volunteers delivered activities to students at Hazlehead Academy, showing the commitment that staff have to ensuring that young people get a massive breadth of active experience.  It is important to remember that these are volunteers – people who are committed to taking their own time to improve experiences for others.


Finally, this volunteering example rubs off on students.  40 Senior Students volunteer to provide experiences to their peers.  This, in turn, improves their confidence and sets an excellent example to the next generation of Seniors.


… and this report captured only the sporting experiences our students and staff support.  Add to this all of the other experiences (STEM, Debating, ECO, Peer Support etc.) and what we are left with is a massive debt of thanks to those who go above and beyond their work or studies to give opportunities to others.  A massive thank you to you all.