PTA Christmas Fayre

Thank you to all pupils, staff and parents who supported the PTA Christmas Fayre this year. It was another very successful event and the intention is for this to become an annual event in our school calendar.

The PTA raised £915.00 through tickets sales and raffle ticket sales and have since supported the following items required by a range of departments in the school.


2 Science Callipers                                                  £37.80

Senior Prefect Team Photo Frames                    £20.00

‘My Maths’  Licence                                               £300.00

Modern Languages Website Subscription          £60.00

Higher History Textbooks                                    £300.00

Girl’s Football Kit                                                   £150.00

Drama – Stage Make-up set                                £200.0


Total                                                                       £1067.80


In addition, the pupil stalls raised the following sums of money on the night through sales of the products they had created.


Cork Company                                                        £177.00

Glassic Design                                                         £140.00

Peer Support                                                          £102.60

Green Power Car Team                                        £227.88

Tasmin Mitchell Products                                    £180.00

S2  Asdan Group                                                   £60.00

Craft Club                                                               £48.00

S3 Prince’s Trust Group                                      £50.00

Bake Club                                                               £140.00

D & T Products                                                      £70.00

Total                                                                      £1195.48