Tara goes to space!

Tara MacLeod, 6C attended the Scottish Space School and tells us about it below…

Two weeks ago I attended the Scottish Space School, at Strathclyde University, alongside ninety-eight people from around Scotland.  Upon arrival we were assigned a flat and a team/mentor for the week.   Each day comprised of a daily briefing, activities within various engineering departments and lectures.  Personally, I particularly enjoyed the lectures led by NASA representatives: Heather Paul, Douglas Wheelock, Mason Markee and Tom Marshburn due to their engaging but informative style.

Furthermore, the engineering departments we visited were: Mechanical, Biomedical, Civil and Environmental, Product Design, Electronic and Electrical.  Each department had their own project ranging from rocketry to the latest eye care technology for poverty stricken areas of Africa.  Overall the innovation present in these departments was incredibly interesting and inspiring.

Moreover, there was not much free time but as the week closed we had an ‘open mic night’ and a ceilidh.  I enjoyed the ‘mic’ night as every team had to contribute, I played piano whereas other groups either performed magic, guitar or an amusing attempt at dancing to classics such as Reach for the Stars or 500 miles.  Finally, the ceilidh was greatly appreciated prior to the team presentations and awards bright and early the next morning.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend that you apply for Scottish Space School 2016.  It is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to engineering alongside meeting others with similar interests across Scotland.  ‘Engineer your career’.

Design and Manufacture Rocket Build Mentors and NASA reps group photo lecture 2 lecture gordon, doug, mason heathers motto Evening with NASA- public talk electronics Doug Wheelock(astronaut), Marianne Ballantyne(strath uni) and Mason Markee(robotics NASA engineer) ceilidh selfie STV glasgow